Zambia- Home of the Thundering Smoke

Lodged in the heart of Africa, discover the beautiful country of Zambia. This landlocked nation is known for its unmarred beauty, speckled with a myriad of plant and animal species. Furthermore, it is home to captivating geological formations, most of them being natural water resources. These include the famed Victoria Falls (The Smoke that Thunders) and Zambezi River. The vast natural landscape gives visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the wild and gain a firsthand experience observing some of Africa’s most majestic apex predators!


Victoria Falls



The Smoke that Thunders. The Greatest Curtain of Falling Water. Victoria Falls. Whatever you call it, this gargantuan waterfall stole the limelight from seventeen other waterfalls in Zambia. This must-see attraction straddles the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Through a safari operator, access the Falls at a cost of 20 USD through the Zambia side and take part in seasonal experiences. Between February and June, the high flow of water promises to leave you soaking wet when you stand in between the narrow gorge. During dryer seasons, tamer waters allow for you to experience the Devil’s Pool and look over the edge of the Falls without the danger of strong currents. 


Zambia- Home of the Thundering Smoke

Mosi-oa-Tunya Victoria Falls | photo credits: Meraj Chhaya


South Luangwa National Park 


Zambia- Home of the Thundering Smoke

photo credits: 101holidays


Head to eastern Zambia towards the end of Africa’s Rift Valley. There you will find South Luangwa National Park. Established in 1972, this National Park has cemented itself as a must-see attraction. With a wealth of waterbodies and a rich landscape, the Park is home to one of the highest concentrations of wildlife species in the African continent. Get to walk along lakes where beautiful elephants sprawl lazily under the hot sun. Or, take a jeep and drive through the savannah in the day and night to witness two entirely different array of animals emerging to play.


Zambia- Home of the Thundering Smoke


From leopards to zebras and lions, you will get to bask in nature’s creations. It should be noted that staying at the Park and participating in the safaris can be pricey. Hotels in the area can set you back approximately 500 USD per night and booking a tour is an entirely separate cost. However, this is a once in a lifetime experience you should embark on if you can! The exotic display of plants and animals in their natural habitat cannot be replicated by zoos. 


However, nature is not its only appeal. Zambia is renowned for its friendly locals and incredibly diverse culture!


Kuomboka Procession


Zambia- Home of the Thundering Smoke

photo credits: Samuraijack


Witness one of Zambia’s many celebrations on your holiday there! Its rich history and customs are celebrated with pomp, filled with colours, dancing and a lot of happiness in the air. The famed Kuomboka Procession takes place yearly when summer starts winding down. Bathed in myths and legends, the procession makes a yearly trip down the Zambezi River to mark the movement of the Litunga (king) to higher ground, away from floodplains. This is done in a grand display of music and vibrant colours moving through the river. Be sure to witness it if you are in Zambia during the earlier part of the year. 


Step out of your comfort zone into the warm heart of Africa. Whether you coin yourself as a lover of nature or cultures,  Zambia has something for everyone to experience! Moreover, the land of legendary safaris is known as one of the safest countries in the world to visit. Pack your bags today and get ready to jet off to a playground filled with adventurous activities and cultural experiences. 

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