Wildflower Superbloom to Occur?

Courtesy of Rob Bertholf

In 2017, Southern California was greeted with a spectacular natural phenomenon. The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park blossomed into a beautiful colourful landscape as millions of diverse flora bloomed.

This year, thanks to ample December rain, there is a possibility that the area would once again receive the gift of the wild, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The generous serving of rain in December meant that there was enough moisture in the environment to likely spark a super bloom.

Already, the park’s desert sunflowers are blossoming ahead of schedule.

The super bloom is a rare phenomenon that usually occurs once every five to ten years. An occurrence just two years after the previous episode would certainly be gladly received.

The dazzling 2017 episode stunned the world with a display of gorgeous, vibrant flower-scape, drawing tourists from all over the globe. It was so extravagant that it was reportedly visible from outer space.

If the predictions are indeed correct, there could be a breathtaking view on the cards.

For up to date information, check out the park’s official page here.

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