When in Rome… Hire An Instagram Boyfriend!

You’ve traversed the most unexplored nooks of the globe and witnessed the most beautiful that the world has to offer. But there was nobody to snap artfully candid shots of your best self worthy enough for the Gram.


After all, in the words of an Internet-coined phrase, pics or it didn’t happen – if you didn’t post about it on Instagram, did you really go at all? The struggle of the ‘Instagram Boyfriend’ is real amongst millennials today, 40.1% of whom apparently consider ‘Instagrammability’ of a holiday destination a crucial deciding factor.


Visit Rome and have your problems solved with Roma Experience, specialist tour operators who’ve found what makes travelling millennials tick. Noticing the lure of social media, around which the world revolves today, the travel company has made a much-needed move to bridge the gap.


As an add-on to their ‘Rome in One Day’ tour, Roma Experience is offering the Instagram Boyfriend (or girlfriend) package to fulfil all your photography needs. Within the three hours allotted, you’ll essentially have a personal photographer expertly snapping away. The photos will be sent to you via email at the end of your packed day.


Well, it does prove to be quite an investment for that perfect shot: the package adds a hefty €350 to your bill. But then you can’t put a price on beautiful photos, can you?


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