Calling all adrenaline junkies! We are taking you on an exhilarating ride across waterbodies.

Wakeboarding has been gaining traction in the past few years as an incredibly popular activity amongst the lovers of water sports. Surf on a specially-designed board as you are tugged forward by a high-speed a motorboat across a body of water. Be it on a lake or the surface of the sea, hop on a wakeboard and get moving!

Afraid of trying it when you are not actively involved in water sports? Fear not as wake boarding does not require any prior experience. Just bring along your sense of adventure and spirit of learning when you head to a Wake Park.

Getting Started




The hardest part about wake boarding is nailing the basics of balance. You will find yourself falling countless of times when starting out. However, steady your feet in the bindings, bend your knees and keep your arms and legs relaxed while holding on to the rope tightly. Slowly you will get the hang of it and keeping balanced on the water’s surface will get easier.

Rather than strength, wake boarding places emphasis on the individual’s technique. While having some strength is good, it is more important to focus on maintaining your balance on the shaky board in order to keep from falling off (or sinking, in some cases).

It is always best to look for trainers that can teach you the proper techniques or wake parks that have courses of varying levels. In Singapore, you can pursue this sport at the Singapore Wake Park!

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