Visiting The USA? Here Are The Essentials You Need To Know.

1.The most basic but important all American rule:

… tipping. Whenever you are eating at a restaurant and have a waiter or waitress of some sort; keep in mind that they rely on your tips as their income. Try to tip 15-20% of your fee to your server as that is an unspoken rule on tipping etiquette. Be sure to check that the tip is not already woven into the price in a form known as gratuity!


2. Everything’s big!
As you are essentially paying for your waiter/waitress through your tips, the establishment can use more money on giving you more food per portion.. So get that belly ready!

3. Beware of paying more than you expect!

Many places across the USA do not include taxes in the costs of their services or items. This tax can can differ from state to state, so just assume it is 10% to be rightfully cautious.


4. Beware of paying way… WAY more than you expect:

Please make it a priority to have health insurance before travelling to the USA. The United States has some of the highest health costs globally. A simple trip to the hospital can have you financially ruined for life.


5. To all the smokers out there:

You’re in bad luck… definitely do not assume you can smoke wherever or you’ll find yourself with a hefty fine. In places like California, smoking bans have been extended to areas such as public parks, healthcare facilities, beaches and even private residences.

6. A bit inconvenient:

Keep note that the USA still use the Imperial measuring system, unlike the rest of the worlds metric system. So expect to hear all about Fahrenheit, pounds and miles.  Safe to say that you should get your converter apps ready.


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