Vienna, Austria in Pictures

Sitting by the Danube River is the Imperial City of Vienna, Austria. Vienna is the European city that is brimming with culture and life with plenty to offer.

The imperial city of Vienna

From beautiful libraries to museums, the Austrian capital is the ultimate arts hub for those looking for inspiration through art. The art scene in Vienna is rich and refined, holding itself with such elegance and grace. Although the Arts may seem complex in nature, Vienna makes it easy for anyone to appreciate and fall in love with art.

Vienna also prides itself for being the ‘music capital of the world’. With renowned artists such as Mozart and Beethoven coming from Viennese descent, it’s no wonder that this city has earned a title as such.

The city’s landscape in itself is a piece of art on its own. Viennese architecture is a beautiful blend of the old and new, representing many styles and eras.

Not forgetting the significance of its given title, Vienna’s imperial past can be distinguished from a number of sights and sees. Explore the palace grounds of the Hofburg on a traditional horse-drawn carriage, also known as a fiaker. The Hofburg is one of the largest palace complexes in the world today, and was also the official residence of the Austrian sovereigns for over 600 years!

As you relish in the unique fiaker experience, witness the city’s imperial past unfold before your eyes as you pass these iconic landmarks. For instance, you’ll see Neue Burg – which was never actually used as a palace, but now houses four museums showcasing a wide array of instruments; and the Josefplatz public square – considered to be one of the finest courtyards in Vienna.

The city of Vienna undoubtedly holds a distinctive charm that you cannot get anywhere else. From the unique blend of traditions and imperial sights; to its vibrant art scene and noteworthy architecture, Vienna has it all. Take a trip down this stunning city through these pictures. 

Belvedere Gardens, Vienna, Austria

Belvedere Gardens, Vienna, Austria

Busy Street in Vienna

Karlskirche (St. Charles’s Church)

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