Venice to Charge Tourists an Admission Fee

The world’s ‘City of Canals’ is now the first Italian city to charge tourists an admission fee to enter. Its astounding number of approximately 25 million visitors prompted this new regulation, the proceeds from which will be channelled toward maintaining its World Heritage site.

The main target of the 3 Euro per person charge is the day-trippers (overnight guests are already subject to a nightly tourist tax). More than 50% of its yearly visitors only spend a single day in the city, whether they be taking picnics or exploring off cruise ship stopovers.  

Moving toward more sustainable tourism as an open-air museum is the city’s ultimate goal, as voiced by Luca Zaia, Veneto governor. Administrative difficulties may loom ahead since planes, cruises, cars, trains or buses all service entry into Venice. It is likely that the city will use the turnstiles at its entrance from the main square used by cruise ships.

Venice is truly a city of wonder – don’t be deterred by an additional 3 Euro you have to fork out.

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