Up Close With: Tiong Jia En

Fitness Instructor at Absolute Cycle Singapore & WeBarre

ClassPass Singapore Ambassador

Miss Universe Singapore 2018 First Runner-Up

We sit down with fitness trainer, Tiong Jia En, who left her budding career in advertising behind, to realise her dreams of using fitness as a platform to be a positive influence on society.

“It is just something that is very fulfilling, because I get to see the direct impact that I make on people, every single day, every single class.”


On rhythm cycling and barre classes

I am a cardio kind of person, so I do spin, a lot. But I also practiced barre on the side, after my work time, on my own. I really like barre because it helps to sculpt and tone your body.  I use cardio to lose weight, and I use WeBarre to sculpt, tone it and shape it up. So these are basically two things that I really believe are very effective. So I am going to teach both. Come to both of my classes on both sides, you will get the results. It’s a double.

For spin, there is this afterburn effect. Which means you keep burning calories, even 24 hours to 36 hours after you work out. It’s quite amazing. WeBarre, I think, it’s something that you pick up a lot faster, than spin. You have your own body; it’s a lot of endurance. Very manageable.

On being an inspiration

When I am teaching, and I look at the people there, all smiling, you feel like you just want to make someone’s day better. Even if it’s one, even if it’s two. And people do message you after class, like, that was amazing, I really needed this today. A few times actually, this particular girl came up to me and started to cry, after class. She was crying and said, “My dad just passed away, and I really needed this. You said something in class that made me feel like it’s going to be okay.” Or some young girls who have anorexia, eating disorders, they will talk to me you know. Like you kick started my fitness journey, because of you, now I am healthier. I think about these times; you get the motivation to get moving.

On beginning to lead a healthier lifestyle

Watch what you eat. I mean, come on, it’s health, it’s inside right, I mean you really have to know what you are consuming. So for me personally, first thing, try to cut away soda.  I just try to drink fruit juice, in fact (pointing to her drink) this is sugary, but fruit juices and water. Nutrition, diet, please eat properly. I mean fried chicken, no. But at the same time, do not, not eat. Some people sway to the other side and start eating nothing. Nothing.

Just start with one, if you don’t ever workout. I recommend group classes, simply because, people are there with you. You will not, “no one is looking at me, I will stop”. You will go on and make it happen because you booked the class. So start by forcing yourselves, and when you fall in love with it, you don’t have to force yourselves anymore.


Already leading a healthier lifestyle?

Keep it up! And always try to explore something new. Because, for example, if you keep doing something over and over again, your body gets used to it. And the effect on your body will not be that great anymore. So I feel that it’s always nice to diversify, so that your body is always guessing, it is always curious. It works.



By Phua Jun Han

With Additional Reporting From Julia Lachica

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