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Photo: Andrei Dan Suciu

Take a peek into one of the world’s most unique architectural marvels

Photo: Gabriel Tocu

Located in Turda, Romania, lies an underground theme park hidden deep inside one of the world’s oldest salt mines. An impressive modern art installation, this former salt mine is nestled about 400 feet below the surface of the Earth.

Salina Turda started out as a salt mine that could be dated back to the 17thcentury. After being used for different purposes, from a WWII bomb shelter to a cheese storage, the salt mine has now been transformed into an underground theme park. 

The subterranean attraction is not just a typical salt mine, Salina Turda is fitted with an amphitheatre, a bowling alley, a Ferris wheel, an underground lake where you can paddle and row boats, and many more. 

This historical site would not be complete without having its very own museum. Throughout the entire mine, visitors have access to different caverns in which they can learn more about the history behind Salina Turda.

Welcoming over millions of visitors each year, Salina Turda has an activity for everyone. This futuristic marvel will leave you in awe with just its state-of-the-art architecture. Considered to be a subterranean wonderland, Salina Turda proves to be as magical as it looks.

The out-of-this-world aesthetic of the mines lets you escape the busy reality on the Earth’s surface and experience a version of the future that one can only imagine. 

Photo: Someone10x

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