UltrAspire Zygos Kenichi

Zygos multi-purpose adventure pack providing versatility and functionality, easy access to necessities and stable, comfortable reliable performance. Suitable for all occasions. Includes the new soft touch binding, large capacity quick stash pocket without added weight or bulk, quick attach bladder holder, new elastic mesh on quick stash pockets featuring more stretch, added capacity, less bulk and weight. Soft, large holed, micro-fiber fabric enables excellent circulation,gabbie carter cooling and breathability throughout the vest; and with patent pending Max O2 Sternum™ system is super easy to get in and out of, アダルト.ws with or without gloves. It’s the only system out there that allows for full movement through the chest cavity and unrestricted deep breathing without any loss of stability. Special edition from Japan with a limited time offer. Available at Escapade Sport (Causeway Bay Shop) at HK$1,390.

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