Try out Callisthenics

It’s like being in P.E. class, but with a twist. 

Combining a variety of movements such as running, grasping, and pushing, callisthenics is very similar to weightlifting, except it develops muscles and improves stamina through exercises that rely on body weight for resistance and with little to no equipment!


Getting Started

Since callisthenics mostly relies on the individual’s bodyweight, it’s perfect for beginners! Simple exercises such as jumping jacks and sit-ups but with a little bit more of a push. Now, callisthenics may sound like those workouts you used to do in P.E. class, but it will surely make you work.

Callisthenics trains your strength and flexibility through a series of exercises that you can do anywhere at any time. Which makes it perfect if you’re always on-the-go or simply travelling and wishing to squeeze in a bit of a workout.

However, if you’re planning on gaining muscle mass in a short period of time, callisthenics might not be the one for you. Since the workouts solely rely on the individual’s body weight, it does limit you to just that. But nonetheless, it still keeps you moving and fit!



There are plenty of callisthenics tutorials online to help you get started on your callisthenics journey!

From doing cycles of a variety of squats, planks and lunges to pull-ups, dips, and push-ups. There are numerous workout routines you can try out online that fits your schedule, space and even abilities.

By Julia Lachica

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