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FLYING OFF to your dream getaway at the beach? Here are some top pointers that will help you cut out the unpleasant annoyances on your next seaside holiday, and grant you an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.


Decide on your notion of the ideal beach vacation and search up which beach best suits you. You don’t want to be heading to the seaside, and sulking over the fact that there aren’t any good surfing opportunities there, only to realise later on, that another beach just twenty minutes away is the surfers’ paradise.

Skin Protection

Naturally, you will be exposed to the painful sunrays and be prone to itchy bug bites. Don’t forget to bring along (and use!) your sunscreen and insect repellent. Applying the sunscreen once is never enough. Frequently lotion up to avoid ending the day with an unpleasant sunburn.

Zippered Bags

You will probably be bringing along a bag to store your books, smartphones, cameras and whatever else you need at the beach, but you can’t miss the zippered bags. They are particularly useful for storing your wet items (used swimsuits, towels etc.), protecting your other belongings from getting damaged.


Especially when you are engrossed in the fun beach activities, keep in mind to drink lots of water. The constant exposure to the hot sun will quickly dehydrate you. Ignoring this absolute necessity might cause you to fall ill while on your long-awaited vacation. If you are planning to stay at the beach for long, carry more than one water bottle with you.

Keep Safe

Everyone loves the clear blue waters, but also be aware that the sea is a dangerous place. Keep within a safe distance from the shore if you are not a very strong swimmer. Equip yourselves with skills such as life-saving techniques and learn how to spot the lethal rip currents. Always remember that safety simply cannot be compromised.

Weather Woes

Certainly, a beach vacation comprises of mostly outdoor activities, but what happens when it rains? Do have a backup indoors plan in the event of gloomy weather. For example, bring along card or board games you can entertain yourselves with under the shelter. Or look up if there are any fun indoor activities within the vicinity of the beach you are visiting.

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