Travel Tips (Issue 91)

Love Thyself, Love Nature

When did you last decide to spend a bit of time to tune with Nature? While your spirit absorbs Her beauty, here are some tips to help keep you grounded.

Listen To Your Body

It’s easy for us to be fully taken in by the allure of Nature’s while we’re spending time outside. But while we immerse ourselves, don’t ignore your body’s call to rest as well. Whether you’re hiking mountains or simply taking strolls around the camping grounds, don’t be shy to take a break and breathe for a moment.


Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Haven’t you heard? Chance favours the prepared. Don’t count on your lucky stars to ensure that you have a safe and fulfilling trip exploring the great outdoors! Diligently research to have a good gauge of what you might be experiencing on your trip. This will help you figure out how to better prepare beforehand. 


Protect Mother Nature

While we admire Mother Nature in all her glory, remember that it’s on us to keep it that way! A great way to ensure this would be to pick up the litter that may be laying around while you pack up on your way home. As the signboard says: “Leave your footprints, not your litter!”


Drink Up!

In the excitement of all the activities you have lined up, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water before you start on your next adventure and keep a water bottle handy at all times. It goes without saying that it’d be much easier to focus on the beauty of Nature when you don’t have to worry about your body dehydrating. 


Just Keep Snapping

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