Travel Tips (Issue 89)

Packing for a snow-capped adventure? Dealing with the frosty weather is a challenge even for a seasoned adventurer. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your wintry getaway!


Layer Up

Three basic layers should be secured. The base layer fulfils the primary purpose of removing moisture from the skin. Stay away from cotton and opt for wool or synthetic materials! The middle layer acts as an insulator against the cold and the outer shell will block you from moisture and winds. From there, add or remove layers as you deem fit during your adventure. 


Keep your electronics warm

The cold climate and harsh winds can result in batteries dying faster than usual. Prolong the battery life of your devices. Stash them in the pockets against your skin or in between layers, tucked in your backpack. 



When the temperature hits subzero levels, layering up may not be enough. Cover as much of your exposed skin as possible. Body parts such as the toes, fingers, lips and cheeks are prone to frostbite in the hard weather. Take precautionary measures with the use of mittens, woollen socks and neck gaiters. You can also apply sticky heat packs onto your clothes to ensure that your skin remains warm. 


Keep hydrating and eating 

When the cold settles in, you will tend to feel less hungry and thirsty. However, your body still needs fuel to keep going! Carry along small bags of dried fruits, nuts and energy bars to munch on. These do not freeze easily and are good sources of energy. Also, get yourself a thermal insulator for your water bottle to keep your water from turning into ice.  

Stay alert 

Travelling in a group can be fun but it is important to keep an eye out for the people around you! If they display some telltale signs of hypothermia like disorientation and paleness, stop them and get them more insulation. 

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