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Budget Airline Alliance

With the growing number of airline alliances around the world, it’s only natural that budget (LCC) carriers will form their own to take advantage of a wider network of destinations and bigger fleet. The first LCC alliance, U-Fly, will have 10 members by year-end, and it looks to expand beyond…

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Hotel Glut

Phnom Penh’s Luxury Hotels In a bid to increase high-end tourism, a swathe of luxury hotels are in the pipeline in Phnom Penh, including two 5-star properties – offering over 1,000 rooms – slated to open this year, and three more to enter the market by 2020. However, occupancy rates…

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China Visa-Free Stopover

China has adopted visa-free programmes for travellers transiting through various Chinese cities for 24-hour, 72-hour and 144-hour stopovers. The 24-hour visa exemption is fairly easy with nearly all nationalities being able to receive the exemption. The 72-hour visa-free entry is available at 18 cities (including Beijing and Shanghai), while the…

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Brazil – Yellow Fever

There have been a total 1,336 cases of yellow fever infection in Brazil from 1st December 2016 to 22nd February 2017, including 215 deaths (101 confirmed, 109 suspected, 5 discarded). For travellers who are planning to visit the locations at risk of yellow fever in Brazil, vaccination against yellow fever…

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Travel Tips

Travel Tips (Issue 91)

Love Thyself, Love Nature When did you last decide to spend a bit of time to tune with Nature? While your spirit absorbs Her beauty, here are some tips to help keep you grounded. Listen To Your Body It’s easy for us to be fully taken in by the allure…

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Travel Tips (Issue 89)

Packing for a snow-capped adventure? Dealing with the frosty weather is a challenge even for a seasoned adventurer. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your wintry getaway!   Layer Up Three basic layers should be secured. The base layer fulfils the primary purpose of removing moisture from…

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Travel Tips: Respectful Tourism

Being a tourist is an incredible adventure! Many of us embark on journeys across continents to marvel at gargantuan structures, foreign to our homeland. Many of these beautiful places plastered across social media are that of religious sites. Places such as La Sagrada Familia Basilica of Barcelona or Singapore’s own…

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Packing Up: Dealing with Baggage

Packs are something that you carry around town, through the wilderness, stow in several spots on a plane and allow you to arrive wherever you are headed with more than just the clothes on your back. As always, the features that will matter the most to you will depend on…

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