Travel News (Issue 91)

New Tools on Google Travel

If you’ve not heard, Google has an application aimed to assist travellers all over the world in their preparations. In their newest update, users can use the application to find out the best times to visit a particular destination along with a forecast on the temperatures and weather conditions based on the traveller’s trip dates.
Take a look for yourselves:



Have The Bushfires Singed Australian Tourism Altogether? 

Credit to Wikimedia Commons

Since its start in September 2019, the infamous fires have scorched down over an estimated 10 million hectares of bush, forests and parks. Not only have the flames reportedly claimed the lives of 28 people and possibly over 480 million animals, they may also threaten the survival of Australian tourism. It has been reported that the United States have recently increased their travel advisory for travellers looking to head to Australia, warning them to “exercise increased caution”.


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