Training Smarter; Let your Feet do the Talking

Training hard isn’t enough. Training smart makes all the difference. When you work smart, you work hard on the right things, for specific results. 

One way is to retrieve data that enables you to optimise your training runs, leading to focused improvements. In a tech-centric era, products such as wearables, hydration trackers, smart blenders, smart scales just to name a few, allow an athlete to monitor their habits and training. 

At the core of it all lies the basic fundamentals of  ‘lift-off’- shoes. Whilst there are many smart training shoes in the market, one brand seems to be doing it best. Although Under Armour only introduced their first running shoes in 2009, they have certainly come a very long way in developing a footwear brand that is challenging recognised sporting shoe giants such as Nike and Adidas.

Today, Under Armour is one of the leading best brands in fitness out on the market. With the introduction of their latest running shoes, runners and athletes are set to improve their personal performances.


The HOVR Machina joins the collection as the top of the line in this high- performance, long-distance range of shoes. The shoe mixes the softness of a distance shoe with the speed of a racing flat, to help make athletes a better runner. Encompassed with 360-degrees of soft UA HOVR, a mesh Energy Web surrounds the shoes creating a zero-gravity feel and energy return. Its lightweight design and 3-pronged Pebax® propulsion plate give athletes smoother transitions and a faster, springier toe-off. Weighing only 283 grams for men’s and 241 grams for women’s, lightweight trainers mean less impact, less fatigue and faster recovery.


Designed to push the pace and hit negative splits during long runs, these neutral shoes come to deliver an 8mm offset. Built with high-abrasion rubber, they offer ultimate durability in high-impact areas. The best part of it all; with UA MapMyRun™, users are guided towards becoming better runners with real-time form coaching. All one needs to do is download, connect and run.


How Does It Work?

UA MapMyRun™ works directly with your shoes to track your stride length, cadence, and more. It uses that data to tell you how to improve your form as you run — which may help reduce your risk of injury and make running feel easier. It also analyses your form after every run and delivers personalised coaching advice and tips for your next run, helping you get better over time. Even information such as degree of foot strike angle and ground contact time is reflected on the app. 


These other models of UA neutral shoes work perfectly well on Map My Run too- Infinite 2, Sonic 3 and Phantom RN. 




The HOVR Machina looks like no other training shoes too. They are maddd sexy owing to a sleek design and vibrant trendy colours. Available across four colour schemes of red/black, blue/orange, black/white, and black/orange, there will surely be one you’ll fall in love with. The Machinas’ fresh cool look is so good that our Editor even wears them throughout the day at work. 


In All Awe

Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned marathoner, the carbon-plated HOVR Machina is set to last you a long time while costing less. Its smart technology will help improve your performance and up your running game. 


If you’re still not convinced because you’re looking for something other than neutral shoes, stay tuned because we hear that UA is set to release the stability shoe- Guardian 2 and tempo shoe- Velociti 3 in the second quarter of 2020. 


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