Torres del Paine National Park in Pictures

Moving over to the South American region, we will be taking a closer look at this wondrous national park located in the Chilean Patagonia. Torres del Paine National Park is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve that has been voted the 8th wonder of the world in 2013. The park holds a whopping 935 square miles, with its highest point reaching over 9,000 feet! 

Snow-capped mountains are prominent at Torres del Paine National Park

The wild landscapes that Torres del Paine have to offer are unmatched, making it an absolute paradise for photographers and adventure seekers alike. Known for its soaring snow-dusted mountains and enormous icebergs, Torres del Paine sure is a surreal natural sight – almost other-worldly. In comparison with the vast nature that inhabits the park, you are sure to feel utterly minuscule. Renowned photographer Michael George even described the national park as “one of the most spectacular sights that human imagination can conceive”.

Besides the abundance of scenic vistas, Torres del Paine National Park also has a wide variety of adventure activities that visitors can undertake such as grey glacier hiking, circuit trekking and even kayaking among the icebergs.

Wildlife and flora and fauna are also overflowing in the national park – it is said that it is home to various distinct ecosystems and indigenous animals such as guanacos and condors!

Guanacos at Torres del Paine National Park

As we take you on a trip through Torres del Paine, feast your eyes on the awe-inspiring wonders that will leave you feeling like you’re actually there.

Sunset at Torres del Paine National Park

Tourists laying on a work whilst enjoying the view of Torres del Paine National Park

A Waterfall at Torres del Paine National Park

Trekking on Torres del Paine National Park

Visitors preparing to trek Torres del Paine

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