There Are People Who Wanna Take On This Challenge… Are You Phở Real?

Do you love Phở? I mean who doesn’t? But it will take a real Phở obsessed person to take on this monster… In Seattle you’ll find Dong Thap Noodles, a restaurant which specialises in the famous Vietnamese noodle, Phở. But the twist is that this restaurant gives you the choice to take on the mighty Super Bowl Challenge, where it’s just you against two kilograms of rice noodles, another two kilograms of meats, and four litres of broth. Why would anyone wanna put themselves through that you ask? Simply put; the prizes.


If you manage to finish the whole bowl of Phở in 90 minutes or under, not only will your face be  plastered onto their Wall Of Fame, but you’ll walk a way with a free meal, a bonus $100… and most likely a killer stomach ache.


Watch this video by Seattle Times to see the real thing being taken on!


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