The Ultimate Tour of New Zealand

Abundant in nature and diverse scenery, filled with endless adventurous possibilities – there is no question why New Zealand has been recognized as one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


From hiking an active volcano to boogie boarding down the sand dunes at 90-mile beach, experiencing authentic Maori culture and feasting on local dishes – there is something for everyone in New Zealand. Alongside Aroha Tours, we’re bringing you some of our favourite activities in the Land of the Long White Cloud.  


Heli Hiking on the Tasman Glacier 



Heli hiking may sound foreign to visitors coming from outside of New Zealand. But for the locals, it is a recreational sport that is enjoyed by many. The sport combines hiking and flying; getting on a helicopter – accessing remote areas in the mountains by flight before embarking on the trail. For one of the most promising heli hiking experiences, the Tasman Glacier is the ideal spot. 


Tasman Glacier is the largest and longest glacier in all of New Zealand, which is nestled in the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park. Extending at 27 kilometres in length and 600 metres in depth, there is no question that coming face to face with the gentle giant, that is Tasman Glacier is a one-of-a-kind experience. 


Cruise along Mou Waho Island Nature Reserve 



An island in a lake; on an island; in a lake; on an island; in the ocean – that’s exactly what Mou Waho Island is. Only accessible by boat, Mou Waho Island Nature Reserve is a protected nature reserve in Lake Wanaka that boasts the most scenic views. Elevate your ordinary boat ride with a luxury boat cruise that will tour you around the nature reserve in comfort and style. 


At Mou Waho, they also pride themselves on their conservational efforts. Aroha Luxury Tours gives visitors an exclusive eco-experience where you can plant a tree on the Island – giving back to the environment while appreciating the sights that Mou Waho has to offer. Guests are also taken on a guided bush walk that leads to the island’s best-kept secret – a spectacular lake right on top of the island, offering you the most panoramic of views. 



Fly Over the Milford Sound and Fiordland National Park



The stunning Milford Sound and vast Fiordland National Park are two sights that should not be missed when in New Zealand. Located in the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island, Milford Sound is a sanctuary of nature, with bottlenose dolphins, penguins and fur seals residing in its waters. 


From lush rainforests to ice-clad mountains, these natural wonders offer the most contrasting yet amazing landscapes. Visitors are spoilt for choice as the dramatic landscapes of Fiordland are endless, with breathtaking waterfalls, snow-capped alps and shimmering lakes for the perfect backdrop. Its timeless beauty will undoubtedly take your breath away, leaving you wanting more of what mother nature has to offer. 


Let Aroha Tours whisk you away into this haven of nature in the most comfortable and luxurious way possible.


Swimming with seals  


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The Kaikoura is truly a site of nature’s wonders. Interwoven with a touch of magic and a rich biodiversity, it is no wonder that people flock there to immerse themselves in the sanctity of its natural environment. Aroha Tours offers the opportunity to experience Kaikoura like never before with a truly unique experience, swimming with seals. 


Native to New Zealand, the New Zealand Fur Seals, otherwise known as Kekeno, can be found in the Kaikoura Peninsula, on the East Coast of the South Island. The seals are friendly and reside in shallow waters. Step out of your comfort zone, don a wetsuit and plunge headfirst into the waters. As you navigate your way through the aquatic wonderland , get ready to be charmed by the friendly inhabitants gliding past lush underwater flora and fauna! 


West Haven Inlet 


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Step into a piece of paradise when you enter West Haven Inlet. Its uninterrupted beauty has been untouched for centuries, resulting in diverse landforms, an abundance of life and remarkable scenery. This sequestered piece of land offers you the chance to engage in many outdoor activities, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Aroha Tours leaves you spoilt for choice during your visit, offering many activities that will immerse you in the astounding scenery! Enjoy kayaking through the marine reserves, surrounded by coastal forests or engage in quad biking and mountain biking through the local sights. For those who want a quieter day, take the time out to fish or join a farm tour to discover the animals and rich history of Westhaven. 


Mount Aspiring National Park 

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Photo credits: Andrea Schaffer


Take a moment to shove your phones deep into your bags and enjoy being one with a true wonder of nature- a rugged landscape, scattered with piercing peaks, waterwalls, crystal clear waters and glaciers. With Aroha Tours, get to embark on an adventure of a lifetime at Mount Aspiring National Park.


 Hop on a jet boat to experience the thrills of speeding through shallow braids. Tackle sharp turns and spins and take a break in the deep pools, encircled by fortified formations and lush greenery. Hear enchanting stories from the local guides. After you exit the boat, walk on a sequestered 50-minute trek past ancient trees, through a woody haven. This adventure promises to take your breath away and leave adrenaline pumping through your veins. 


Sea Kayaking 


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Hector’s Dolphin | Photo credits: Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith


Craving to experience New Zealand’s unique wildlife up close and personal? Pick up an oar, sit in a kayak and head out to the outer coast of Pohatu Marine Reserve. Slowly move through the waters and look out for orcas and Hector’s dolphins who frequent the outer coast. On a good day, the waters will be brimming with these beauties. Keep your eyes peeled for cliffs, whittled into rock stacks, reefs and deep sea caves with time. 


Amidst these formations unearth the rich biodiversities that thrive in the waters. Schools of fish are spotted often whizzing through the clear waters. Moreover, spot penguin species, seal colonies and more huddled together on the mainland. These creatures often gather in large groups and can be found lazing atop rocks. 


Meditation and Yoga Classes 



What is a wellness tour without engaging physical, mental and emotional wellbeing? Aroha Wellness Tour ensures a balanced retreat by engaging visitors in yoga, meditation and breathing classes at every step of the way. With private classes specially catered to the group, instructors maximise the benefits you can gain from each session. 


Train your strength, focus and balance. Actively engage your mind to improve your wellbeing, all while surrounded by New Zealand’s stellar scenery! As you visit different places, take a moment to breathe and mingle with the beauty of New Zealand. Start and end each day with a positive note and good intentions. 


These are just some of our favourite sights and activities from the Aroha Wellness Tour! With 14 days of enriching activities and breathtaking views, this tour will leave you recharged and energised. Even better, Aroha Tours caters its destinations and activities according to what you want. Tailor your ideal holiday with them today and experience New Zealand through a fresh pair of eyes! Click here to check them out today.


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