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Treasured for its white-sand beaches, crystalline lagoons, majestic coral reefs and azure skies, the Maldives is a little slice of paradise in the midst of the Indian Ocean. This wondrous tropical playground has a bit of everything for everyone.


Imagine a surf break against a pure blue sky and clear visibility under the water. That’s Maldives. Small islands scattered through a vast clean blue sea. Each island surrounded by white sand beaches and gardens of coral. Maldives provides the perfect playing ground for all water sports enthusiasts. The absolute clarity of Maldivian waters makes it perfect for kayaking and canoeing in glass-bottom boats.

The warm sea breeze is perfect for windsurfing and catamaran rides or a thrilling ride on a jetski. Resorts that have their own or nearby wave surfing points offer it, while liveaboards take to travelers to some of the toughest surf points.


Propose underwater in an aquatic wonderland with tropical shoals and swaying corals as your witness. Have your fairy-tale wedding on a secluded beach, a remote and deserted sandbank, an enchanting glass pavilion overlooking the shimmering turquoise lagoon, or even an underwater exchange of vows. Celebrate with a dinner for two on a secluded sandbank. Indulge in a romantic moment with a private screening of your favorite movie under the stars, complete with Champagne, canapés, and popcorn. Set sail for the sunset on a traditional dhoni. Swim with manta rays and turtles. Surrender to spa bliss with couple’s treatments.


A holiday in the Maldives is more than a date with Mother Nature. With a settlement that is said to date back to at least 1500 BC, the Maldives has a rich culture and heritage. A visit to the Maldives is a chance to gain an insight into this unique culture, by exploring island lifestyle, sourcing local handicrafts, visiting heritage sites, tasting the local cuisine and watching cultural performances.


Salute the sun. Meditate before the calming waves of the Indian Ocean. Indulge in soothing Ayurvedic rituals tailored to your needs or locally inspired therapies. Join in daily sunrise or sunset yoga classes. With resident wellness gurus, fitness boot camps, healthy menus, and many more world-class offerings, the Maldives offers the best in wellness holidays without compromise.


Snorkeling is perhaps the easiest way to explore the Maldives’ vibrant underwater world. Most islands feature a ‘house reef’ close to their shore, where the shallow lagoon precipitously drops off into the deeper ocean waters and striking reefs, populated by myriads of small and big sea creatures. Known internationally as one of the world’s best scuba diving destinations, the Maldives has an abundance of dive sites with one thrilling dive opportunity after another.

For snorkeling & diving enthusiasts, Maldives is undoubtedly an underwater paradise!



The Maldives is famous for its laid-back culture; its picturesque beaches, warm waters and the tropical vibe often remind you to slow down. However, it will be hard to not run when your spirit is freed. These islands are exhilarating and uplifting. You can find a range of indoor and outdoor sports and exciting cruises at resorts as well as guesthouses. Go ahead, hop on and enjoy excursions such as fishing and dolphin cruises as well as expeditions to neighbouring inhabited islands.


Cultural Activities

Bodu Beru: dance song with African influences; starts with a slow beat and develops into a hyperactive, frenetic beat

Dhandi Jehun: energetic synchronised live singing and dancing

Maafathi Neshun: festival dance for women

Bandiyaa Jehun: synchronised female group dance characterised by the idiophone percussions created by striking metal pots

Thaara: dance music with Arabic influences; 22 men seated in two lines facing each other, playing tambourines while singing live

Heritage Sites to Visit

Hukuru Miskiiy (Friday Mosque): dates back to 1656; magnificent carvings of coral stone

Munnaaru: outside Friday Mosque; medieval looking minaret, used to call for prayer

Medhu Ziyaaraiy: a mausoleum to Moroccan scholar Abu Barakath Yoosuf Al-Barbari who converted the Maldives to Islam

Muleeage: old palace; now used as a presidential residence

National Museum: open from Sundays to Thursdays (except on public holidays) from 10.15 to 17.00hrs; Entrance fee, MVR100 for adults and MVR20 for children.

Best Dive Sites to Visit

North & South Male’ Atoll: blue stripe snapper, red and midnight snapper, eagle ray, whitetip reef shark, leopard shark, batfish.

Ari Atoll: with feeding manta rays, graceful whale sharks and schooling hammerheads, Ari Atoll is home to some of the Maldives’ best dive sites such as Maaya Thila and Fish Head.

Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve : designated by UNESCO in 2011, the Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve supports one of the largest groups of coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. The reserve is home to a globally significant biodiversity, including some 250 species of corals and 1,200 reef and reef-associated fish species as well as a population of marine turtles, manta rays, whale sharks and seabirds.

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