The Rainforests of Borneo

This giant island sits on the Malay Archipelago of Southeast Asia, lost in time. Famous for its ancient forests, it boasts an incredibly rich diversity of flora and fauna. It houses over 15 000 species of plants and animals whose lineages date back to thousands of years ago. Entering the dense rainforests will transport visitors back to the prehistoric ages. Trek through and be greeted with cascading waterfalls, interesting geological formations and elusive animals. Join us today as we take you through the rainforests of Borneo in pictures! 


The rainforests of borneo

Bako National Park | photo credits: amrufm


Located 37 kilometres away from Kuching is a hidden gem. Filled with unfrequented treks and secluded beaches, the Bako National Park is spilling over with natural beauty. While not the most prominent National Park, it has a massive number of attractions and activities for the adventurous. Get moving on one of sixteen jungle trails and you might end of at a beach, perfect for cooling off! Maybe you will spot a Proboscis monkey hidden amongst leaves and branches. A word of caution: Some of the beaches house saltwater crocodiles so do enquire about which beaches are safe. 


the rainforests of borneo

Orang Utan


Catch sight of the friendly natives, Orang Utans, as you wonder through the forests on a trail. These beauties are often found sprawled on the ground in groups or high up on the branches of the towering canopy. 


Mount Kinabalu


Standing at 4,095 m tall, this marvel of nature is the tallest mountain in the Malay Archipelago. It is a favourite amongst mountaineers and takes roughly 2 days to ascent and descent. The journey to the summit is flanked wth dense greenery, snaking vines and a plethora of unique animals that are native to the Borneo rainforests. 


The Pinnacles at Gunung Mulu National Park


Karst Towers etched in the ground of the Gunung Mulu National Park, pierce the skies at a height of at least 50 metres. The rugged summits are not for the faint-hearted and scaling them requires weeks of practice! These formations are just some of the highlights of the Gunung Mulu National Park, an area that boasts a variety of caves, rivers, terraces, hot springs and gorges, amongst other things.  


the rainforests of borneo

Caves of Mulu | photo credits: Eric Lanning

Gunung National Park is well-knowned for its exceptional caves. Vastly explored, they have been a crowd favourite in the past few years. Get to admire the way light trickles in through small openings and land on the hundreds of bats that call the caves their home. The most famous caves are the Deer and Lang caves. Entering the Deer caves is done through a short trek on a plank walkway through the lush rainforest. Emerge on the other side at the cave and look out for the waterfalls cascading through the ceilings. Deeper exploration will bring you to the Garden of Eden, a pristine rainforest in a sinkhole of the cave. 


The rainforests of borneo

Maliau Basin Waterfall


Also known as the Maliau Basin Conservation Area or Sabah’s Lost World, this is one of nature’s most pristine areas! It has been unspoilt by the exploits of men. Plant and animal species find sanctuary on these grounds, including critically endangered mammals. The Basin is an exciting location for hikers because there are miles of trails leading to waterfalls, the Linmumsut Lake and the river bank.


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