In Pictures: The Oldest UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are always a sight to behold. People are immediately drawn to a certain place as soon as they hear the words, ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’. With over 1,000 world heritage sites as of 2019, the list seems to keep growing and stopping at nothing.

These places of natural and cultural heritage are recognized for their historical significance and outstanding universal value that is not limited to their national boundaries but goes beyond that. From ancient cities teeming with culture and history like Kyoto to archaeological treasures such as the Pyramids of Giza – the world’s most acclaimed list of natural, cultural and historical wonders continue to leave people aghast with their beauty and splendour.

As we take you on a journey exploring more of the world’s UNESCO Heritage sites this week, let us pay homage to the ones who set the benchmark as the first 12 World Heritage Sites in 1978.

Simien National Park, Ethiopia 

Photo by Leonard A. Floyd

Rock-Hewn Churches, Lalibela, Ethiopia

Photo by Rod Waddington

Photo by Adam Jones

Goree Island, Senegal 

Photo by Michael Fleshman

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador 

City of Quito, Ecuador 

Historic Centre of Krakow, Poland

Wawel Castle, Krakow

Wieliczka and Bochnia Salt Mines, Poland

Photo by Anna & Michal

Photo by Anna & Michal

Aachen Cathedral, Germany 

L’Anse Aux Meadows National Historic Park, Canada 

Photo by Michel Rathwell

Photo by Eric Titcombe

Nahanni National Park, Canada

Mesa Verde National Park, United States

Photo by Ken Lund

Photo by daveynin

Yellowstone National Park, United States 


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