The Legendary Lakes of Croatia

By Guest Writer, Caillin Rosario

The beauty of Plitvice National Park guarantees an experience like no other.

BY SIMPLY PEERING into the pristine waters of Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes, enter an otherworldly trance as you watch an abundance of fishes dance around in their blue underwater world. Located in Plitvice Lakes National Park, all of the lakes in the vicinity are interconnected via many small rivers. These lakes are separated into two categories: the upper lakes and the lower lakes.  

The national park offers more than just clear blue waters, it gets far more interesting. The wildlife in the park is vast, housing various creatures like brown bears, wolves, lynxes and eagles. Do look out for the lakes’ many species of fishes – from rainbow trout to European Chubs. Stroll along the overwater wooden bridges for the best view and observe the schools of aquatic creatures as they swim beneath you.

Photo: Andrew Mayovskyy/Shutterstock

Among the most stunning features of these lakes are the dream-like waterfalls. The greatest of these is funnily enough known as the Big Waterfall, which flows from the end of the lower lakes, while the slightly smaller Galovački Buk flows at the heart of the upper lakes.

To complete a round trip around the entire national park, you will need a minimum of eight hours. It is advised to choose specific parts of the park you would like to see unless you’re up for the challenge. You may also opt to take a ferry across a select few lakes, giving you ample time to enjoy the magnificence of the national park.

Unless you plan to visit early in the morning, expect it to be on the busier side. The park has seen over a million tourists a year on numerous occasions, further proving the Plitvice Lakes’ universal acclaim.

Getting There

Worry not, getting to the lakes is practically no hassle at all. There is a direct bus line from Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb, and also from Karlovac, Split and Zadar. The journey from Zagreb will take just over 2 hours and set you back SGD $12-18 for a one-way trip.

Did You Know?

The brown trout found in each lake are anatomically different as they evolved differently from each other by living in different lakes.

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