The Island of Capri

The Island of Capri, in Italy, is overwhelmingly beautiful and its beauty cannot be overstated. Picture immaculately kept rows of villas whose surroundings remain unblemished by waste. A multitude of colours erupt from the blooms of bougainvillea that dribble from the sides of these small buildings. Rugged cliffs tower over the sea’s edge, overlooking a brilliant shade of turquoise.


View of Capri | photo credits: VV Nincic


It has long been a haven for those looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. Be it on a budget or at the expense of your credit card, Capri is a place worth visiting.


The Blue Grotto | photo credits: Glen Scarborough

Also known as Grotta Azzurra, this sea cave is famous for its seemingly royal blue waters. When sunlight infiltrates an underwater cavity and passes through the water, the cavern is lighted up with ethereal royal blue light. Enter this hauntingly beautiful cave via a rowboat and watch out for how the the shades of blue are constantly changing. 


The Faraglioni | photo credits: sneakerdog


Take a hike up the edge of the island to catch sight of the dramatic view that Capri is famous for- The Faraglioni. This geological marvel consists of three gargantuan stacks of rocks, rooted onto the seafloor despite years of erosion. If you rather spend your day in the waters, embark on a boat tour and weave through the formations as you pass through the stone archway of the Faraglione di Mezzo! 


Arco Naturale | photo credits: dr_tr


Another archway? Fret not, this is one you can admire from above! Take the Pizzolungo trail that starts at the Piazetta and ends at the Natural Arch. Along the way, pass by the Faraglioni rocks and soak in the views of other natural formations. Be prepared for a tiring journey as the uphill path is uneven. However, when you reach the Arco Naturale, you will realise that the walk is worth your time! Get lost in the magic of the exceptional scenery that is beyond words. 


Beach in Capri | photo credits: Paolo Gamba


What is Capri without its beaches? Spend your afternoon sprawled at the Marina Piccola under colourful umbrellas perched on the sand. When it gets too hot, plunge into the turquoise waters that promise to be the perfect temperature. Or escape from the crowds and head over to one of two beaches that directly face the Faraglioni. These beaches are accessible on foot via a footpath from the Tragara scenic overlook! 


Punta Carena Lighthouse


Take a break from the beaches to explore Capri’s rich history! From Villa Jovis and Punta Carena Lighthouse to the statue of Emperor Augustus perched on Monte Solaro that overlooks Capri, this island is steeped in history. Step back into the past as you tread on the pathways at Villa Jovis, once walked on by Roman emperors. 




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