The City of Isfahan, Iran In Pictures

Gorge on an extraordinary display of colours in the city of Isfahan, Iran! Iran’s top destination is still a hidden gem, draped with exotic Persian gardens and opulently decorated buildings of religious importance. Walk through the UNESCO-listed central square and admire the kaleidoscopic display of colours on the walls of the Shah Mosque. With its visually appealing sites, interesting alleyways and rich displays of spices, Isfahan is a city that should be pinned onto the bucket list of any traveller! In this feature, we are bringing to you some of the most vibrant displays of patterns that this city has to offer. 


Isfahan, Iran

Khaju Bridge | Photo credits: fotografeleen


Built in the 17th century, this historical bridge has been standing in Isfahan, Iran for the past 369 years! Even with centuries passed, the bridge still retains its magnificence which is only amplified in the warm glow of orange lamps. 


Isfahan, Iran

Imam Square | Photo credits: Ninara


Also known as Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Square is a designated UNESCO Heritage site. Flanked with buildings from the Safavid era, the square is popular for its intricately-designed buildings that erupt in a organised mess of colours.


Si-o-se-pol bridge


Built towards the end of the 16th century, the Si-o-se-pol bridge still retains its gorgeous symmetry that will leave anyone with gapping jaws. 


Esfahan, Iran


Isfahan, Iran

Moshir Almolk Historical House 


Also known as the Museum of Islamic Heritage, the Historical House is a piece of history dating back almost 600 years! It is now home to some of the most invaluable displays of Islamic arts and showcases the development of Islamic architecture. 


Ali Qapu

Ali Qapu is a grand palace, filled with gorgeous ceiling displays and naturalistic wall paintings that hug a spiral staircase up to the top floors. 


Curves of Ali Qapu | Photo credits: Hamed Saber


Chaharbagh School


The cultural complex was built in the time of the Safavid Empire (17th-18th century) as a school where theology and clergy was taught. Today, it stands as one of Iran’s marvels, filled with amazing displays of patterns and colours. 


Borujerdi House

This gorgeous house was built for the bride of a wealthy Merchant back in 1857. With stellar glass work, mirror work and amazingly symmetrical designs (as you can see above), the House is truly worth a visit when you are in the city. 

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