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Photo Series: European Festivals

Asia’s vibrant and multicoloured festivals find themselves splayed across the pages of hundreds of magazines. From Holi to Songkran, we have heard of them all. But did you know that Europe has some of the most fascinating and diverse festivals as well? A mix of traditional and modern beliefs, these…

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In pictures: Italian nights

Photos of Italy‘s dramatic landscape, by day, often flood our timelines on social media. An organised mess of colours fill the screen and our minds when we think of Italy! However, when the sun goes to sleep at the edge of the ocean and the moon comes to life, Italy…

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Short Breaks: Venice

Venice (Venezia) is a major tourist destination in Italy. With its enchanting waterways, stunning architecture, singing gondoliers, and ancient history, it is no wonder it’s nicknamed La Serenissima – “The Serene”. Venice is a city built on water; it has no roads. There are nearly 200 canals, with Grand Canal…

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Venice to Charge Tourists an Admission Fee

The world’s ‘City of Canals’ is now the first Italian city to charge tourists an admission fee to enter. Its astounding number of approximately 25 million visitors prompted this new regulation, the proceeds from which will be channelled toward maintaining its World Heritage site. The main target of the 3…

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Venice Imposes Tourist Tax

Venice is set to introduce a tourist tax that would kick in in May this year.   Under the new system, tourists will have to fork out €3 during the low season, €8 during the high season and €10 during key seasons, when visitation to the Italian city peaks.  …

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