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Azerbaijan: The Land of Fire

  Azerbaijan is home to some of the world’s most interesting natural phenomenons such as the eternal flames that have earned it its moniker. It is popularly believed that the name of this beautiful nation was derived from the Persian words “Azer” and “Baydjan” meaning fire and guardian respectively, nodding…

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Day of the Dead

Celebrated on 2nd November each year, the Day of the Dead commemorates family and friends of the living that have passed away, in their spiritual journey. What some might see as a sombre day is actually a day of celebration and joy as in the Mexican culture, death is seen…

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The City of Isfahan, Iran In Pictures

Gorge on an extraordinary display of colours in the city of Isfahan, Iran! Iran’s top destination is still a hidden gem, draped with exotic Persian gardens and opulently decorated buildings of religious importance. Walk through the UNESCO-listed central square and admire the kaleidoscopic display of colours on the walls of…

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Singapore’s Hawker Culture

Step into a cacophony of yelling hawkers, loud conversations over ice kachang and spatulas scrapping against the bases of giant woks.      For those unused to the chaos, a hawker centre can come across as overwhelming. But for those of us who frequent these cheap eating areas on an…

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From the Mountains to the Valleys

Mountainous Georgia borders Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia and Turkey, with a culture influenced by the Mongols, Persians, Greeks and the Byzantine Empire. During the 19th century, Russia invaded and integrated Georgia into the Soviet Union until it collapsed in 1991. Today it is a popular destination for visitors: it’s home to…

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Wild in the Terai: Chitwan National Park

Nepal is justifiably famous for its Himalayan treks, but a whole other landscape awaits you south of the Pahad mountain region. The flat, hot, tropical Terai plain of southern Nepal is home to a vastly different ecosystem. A visit to Chitwan National Park yields an Asian safari experience like no…

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Trail of the Mezcal

PHOTOS BY: Mexico Tourism Board Tucked into the soaring mountains of Mexico’s far south, Oaxaca (pronounced “wa-ha-ka”) is home to some of the country’s most authentic indigenous cultures, its best food, and (many) of its most famous ancientsites. Historically, the state’s ruggedness made it inaccessible – a fact that’s helped…

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5 things to do in Slovakia

Enter the land of castles and mountains, steeped in history. Slovakia is incredibly underrated as a tourist destination with many preferring to visit the countries surrounding it, including Hungary and Czech Republic. However, it is an amazing location for an adventurer. It is home to an abundance of activities. From…

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The Gondwana Rainforests, Australia

The Gondwana Rainforests, Australia, can be found stretched over an extensive area between Newcastle and Brisbane. However, it does not exist as one single rainforest! It is an umbrella term for 41 separate reserves which were once part of a giant rainforest. Gondwana? The name Gondwana bears weight in the…

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