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In Pictures: Jordan’s Monuments

Passed through the hands of many empires and rulers, Jordan’s landscape is peppered with megalithic monuments. These monuments tell stories as old as time and captivates the modern-day audience member precisely because so many of these places can still be seen, felt and explored. Influences from the Greeks, Romans and…

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The Gondwana Rainforests, Australia

The Gondwana Rainforests, Australia, can be found stretched over an extensive area between Newcastle and Brisbane. However, it does not exist as one single rainforest! It is an umbrella term for 41 separate reserves which were once part of a giant rainforest. Gondwana? The name Gondwana bears weight in the…

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Unearthing the Škocjan Caves, Slovenia

It seems like we can’t get enough of caves and their wonders this week! Nestled in Central Europe, Slovenia is home to the Škocjan Caves. This 6.2km-long underground cave was chiseled out by the Reka River which disappears into the Caves for a distance of 34km before resurfacing to enter…

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Discovering The Ancient City of Petra, Jordan

Moving on to the Middle East, we head to the historical and archaeological city of Jordan – Petra. Known as ‘the Lost City of Stone’, the city of Petra continues to lure travellers to come and see its beauty with their very own eyes. This ancient city is one of…

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In Pictures: The Oldest UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are always a sight to behold. People are immediately drawn to a certain place as soon as they hear the words, ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’. With over 1,000 world heritage sites as of 2019, the list seems to keep growing and stopping at nothing. These places…

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