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An Introduction to Highlining

Adventure, thrill and meditation rolled into one – that is what highlining is all about. Similar to tight rope walking, highlining is an extreme sport that requires one to walk or balance on a piece of webbing high above the ground. And when we say high, we mean really high.…

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Essential Guide to Budget Backpacking in Vietnam

Looking for a nearby getaway on a shoestring? Vietnam is your go-to backpacking destination in Southeast Asia, complete with its delectable local cuisine and myriad natural wonders to explore on foot. Here, we present you with an ultimate guide to backpacking the beautiful expanse of Vietnam on a budget.  …

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Free Public Transport for Children under 11 in Paris

Europe has always been a pricey destination to visit. But now, Paris intends to help families cut costs in getting around the city. Starting in September 2019, children under 11 (even non-Parisians) will get to enjoy free public transport in Paris. This marks a step in the Mayor’s plan toward…

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