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An Adventure of a Lifetime

Welcome to every outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Home to breathtaking landscapes and great road trips, Ireland never disappoints. Killarney is located in the heart of County Kerry and is decorated with magnificent mountain ranges, beautiful valleys, crystal lakes and a rugged coastline, making it every outdoor enthusiast’s dream.  Killarney remains to…

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Morbid Curiosities: The Old Melbourne Gaol

When one pictures the city of Melbourne, the first thing that comes to mind is the picturesque Great Ocean Road, plastered on the Instagram pages of all those who have gone to the city down under. However, filled with museums and tours of historical landmarks, the city has more to…

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Amsterdam – Even more pedal-friendly than before

From April 8 this year, you can take a leisurely pedal down Amsterdam’s city canals and cycle networks without having to look over your shoulder for speeding scooters on bike lanes. In this traditionally pedal-friendly city, almost 50% of all journeys are embarked on by bike. Yet for years, scooters…

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