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Asia in Solitude

We all know Asia to be the vibrant continent that it is, filled with a harmonious blend of different cultures and religion. Asia is teeming with energy and life wherever you go, from Mongolia all the way to Indonesia. Every country that you visit has its own unique culture to…

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Sri Lanka’s Rich Tea Culture

Being shadowed by its much larger neighbour – India, Sri Lanka is a rather underrated place to visit in Asia. But despite that, there is so much to the ‘Island of Dharma’ that we have yet to discover and one of the highlights of this beautiful country? Its tea culture.…

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The Lost Tribe- Veddas of Sri Lanka

PHOTOS BY: Pro Ironman athlete and photographer Jose Jeuland The Veddas are an ancient people of Sri Lanka, widely believed to have descended from the island’s ancient, indigenous aboriginal population– archaeological finds indicate the presence of their Neolithic ancestors on the island as far back as 10,000 BC. Many also…

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Snapshot: Phoenix Travel

Some of the worst war-torn regions of the 20th century have made miraculous recoveries, transforming from places of carnage and decimation to hubs for exploration and adventure. SERBIA Since gaining independence in 2006, Serbia has been famous for its hospitality. Belgrade is a party destination, while in winter the mountain…

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In pictures: Kandy Esala Perahera

Also known as the Festival of the Tooth, Esala Perahera is celebrated spectacularly in the country of Sri Lanka yearly in July or August. It is one of the oldest festivals to be celebrated there and is hosted in the city of Kandy.      This festival can be traced…

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