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Girls on Fire

Photo By: West Point – The U.S. Military Academy   Take a step back, gentlemen, it’s time for the ladies to shine. Today, we see ladies from all walks of life soar to greater heights in their respective industries. It’s not news to anyone that this is no longer just…

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When East Meets West

  With Japan situated in East Asia and Brazil in South America, both countries seem like worlds apart. But did you know that Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan?   How It All Began The fusion of both cultures go as far back as the early 19th…

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8 Must-Try Street Foods When in Seoul

Soulful Seoul. The bustling capital of South Korea is a bustling metropolis, with towering skyscrapers at every turn and modern architecture that’s sure to wow you. Besides the modern and cultural attractions to see in the city, Seoul’s street food scene is also making a name for itself. When travelling…

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Epic Rail Journey

As of 10 July 2018, Singapore is still expected to have a high-speed railway (HSR) link to Kuala Lumpur in 2026. The buzz about it is that the direct journey will take a mere 90 minutes from Jurong East to Kuala Lumpur – it beats flying to get there, if…

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South Korea’s Hidden Gem: Ulleungdo

Uncover the secrets of this mysterious island. Situated approximately 120 km east of the Korean Peninsula lies Ulleungdo, an island born out of a catastrophic volcanic explosion some 10,000 years ago in the East Sea. Ulleungdo barely has any flat land and is home to stunning geological wonders such as…

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Best Cycling Routes in Asia

If you are tired of a typical holiday journey by the conventional modes of transport, this one’s for you. Travelling around a country by bike is conceivably a less common, but nonetheless worthwhile experience you should definitely consider. There’s something keenly different about hopping from destination to destination on a…

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Strolling Through Time: Bukchon Hanok Village

The Bukchon Hanok Village, courtesy of Doug Sun Beams Think Seoul and you will likely be reminded of the modern, upscale skyscrapers and buildings that line the Gangnam district. Or the vibrant street life of Hongdae. Or even the massive global hits of Kpop darlings BTS. But not the entirety…

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South Korea’s Most Bizarre

Loveland, Jeju Island Here’s a prior warning for the NSFW contents of Loveland, which is unsurprisingly situated on Jeju Island. After all, Jeju has traditionally been a dreamy honeymoon destination for newlyweds. As one of the world’s most salacious sculpture gardens, Loveland certainly provides a glimpse into South Korea’s kinkier…

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Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Square Scheduled for Expansion

Image by travel oriented If you have been to Seoul, chances are, you would remember visiting the Gwanghwamun Square. Expansive and impressive, the nationally symbolic plaza holds significant historical and cultural representation. But how the public space will look in a couple of years is bound to change. The Seoul…

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