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Europe’s Best: Castles

Most people have only heard of castles in fairytales and medieval stories. But here in Europe, there is a wealth of unbelievably stunning castles across the continent. As we move forward in our second installation of our Europe’s Best series, we explore the magical and other-worldly castles in Europe. Neuschwanstein…

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Recipe for Fairytales: Slovenia

Photo by: B. Kladnik Taking a leaf out of a fairytale book, Slovenia is dotted with medieval villages, grandiose churches and romantic castles. Amidst the culturally rich setting is its equally diverse and abundant landscape of rolling hills, soaring mountains, lush green plains and expansive woodlands. Flanked by the Alps…

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Unique Accommodation: Glamping

From lush forests to glacial mountains and vineyards, tented camps are the new byline in luxury, and it’s even got its own vocabulary. Gone are the days of dingy tents and flimsy collapsible chairs – glamorous camping, or ‘glamping’, proves that you don’t need solid walls to soak in the…

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Kurentovanje Carnival

When February rolls around, the oldest town in Slovenia bursts into a kaleidoscope of colours! The town of Ptuj has been hosting the Kurentovanje Carnival for over half a century as of 2019. For a period of ten days, there is nonstop entertainment as the town comes to life. This…

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Unearthing the Škocjan Caves, Slovenia

It seems like we can’t get enough of caves and their wonders this week! Nestled in Central Europe, Slovenia is home to the Škocjan Caves. This 6.2km-long underground cave was chiseled out by the Reka River which disappears into the Caves for a distance of 34km before resurfacing to enter…

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