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Small Wonder – Andorra

Hidden high in the Pyrenees Mountains, tucked between its massive neighbours France and Spain, the tiny nation of Andorra had remained quietly out of view of almost everyone for nearly 1,200 years before the arrival of ski-tourism. Capitalising on the country’s soaring summits, since the 1950s Andorra’s been evolving into…

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Mountain Cities: Europe

Europe is dotted with plenty of historic cities where unique cultures have thrived for centuries. Thanks to the mountainous landscape in certain regions, some of these cities are also set against dramatic snowcappedbackdrops that offer visitors the chance to combine a cultural sojourn with an exploration of the great outdoors.…

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5 things to do in Slovakia

Enter the land of castles and mountains, steeped in history. Slovakia is incredibly underrated as a tourist destination with many preferring to visit the countries surrounding it, including Hungary and Czech Republic. However, it is an amazing location for an adventurer. It is home to an abundance of activities. From…

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