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Jamaica: Home to Rugged Coastlines

The famed homeland of Bob Marley, gained a name for itself because of its incredible landscape. Sway to the sound of the ocean waters lapping against the shore and explore the beautiful sights it has to offer.      Unlike the neat coasts of the South of France, Jamaica is…

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In pictures: Italian nights

Photos of Italy‘s dramatic landscape, by day, often flood our timelines on social media. An organised mess of colours fill the screen and our minds when we think of Italy! However, when the sun goes to sleep at the edge of the ocean and the moon comes to life, Italy…

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Island of Fire and Water

Set adrift in the vast Indian Ocean, Réunion Island – which belongs to France – is actually closer to Madagascar (and Mauritius) than it is to anywhere in Europe. And as an island destination, its selling point is not about sandy beaches or stilted cha- lets above the water –…

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Exploring Antigua and Barbuda

Positioned where the Atlantic and Caribbean seas meet is a tropical paradise. Made up of two large islands and numerous smaller islands is the country of Antigua and Barbuda. It is home to innumerable reef-lined beaches, secluded coves, historical artefacts and rainforests. The quintessential island life is encapsulated in large…

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Okinawa’s Tropical Collection

Go on an island hopping adventure in Okinawa Comprising of more than 150 islands, the Japanese Prefecture of Okinawa is a collection of tropical beaches and lively coral reefs. Okinawa is known for its tropical climate, attracting both local and foreign visitors, as well as its fascinating marine life. With…

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