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Photo Series: European Festivals

Asia’s vibrant and multicoloured festivals find themselves splayed across the pages of hundreds of magazines. From Holi to Songkran, we have heard of them all. But did you know that Europe has some of the most fascinating and diverse festivals as well? A mix of traditional and modern beliefs, these…

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Europe’s Best: Historic Architectural Masterpieces

This week, we are introducing an 5-part series featuring Europe’s best. To start things off, we are taking you across the continent to explore and delve into some of the most historic architectural masterpieces that are more than just their grand facades. Parthenon, Athens, Greece The city of Athens alone…

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Beijing to Moscow: Trans-Mongolian Railway

An epic rail journey from Beijing to Moscow on the Trans-Mongolian Railway is as much about the journey as it is about the destination, and it’s not a stretch to say that it’s a lifetime travel dream for many. Covering a distance of 7,621km, this journey offers a glimpse into…

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Snapshot: World’s Longest

Think you’ve checked off everything on your travel bucket list? Here’s one more for you to conquer— the ‘longest journeys’ in the world. From a 130m-long escalator ride to an upcoming non-stop 19-hour journey in the air, you can now stretch your grand odyssey out for as long as you…

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Far Flung Destinations

Thanks to air travel and modern transportation, there’s almost no place on earth that’s unreachable. Where journeys from one continent to another once took months, they now take hours. When it seems like there’s nowhere else left ‘undiscovered’, there are still some places just slightly off the map that remain…

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Epic Rail Journey

As of 10 July 2018, Singapore is still expected to have a high-speed railway (HSR) link to Kuala Lumpur in 2026. The buzz about it is that the direct journey will take a mere 90 minutes from Jurong East to Kuala Lumpur – it beats flying to get there, if…

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In the Arctic Circle: Lapland

Stretched across four countries – Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia (Kola Peninsula) – rugged nature of Lapland is dotted with high fells (mountains that are native to the Nordic region), winding rivers, extensive wilderness and glacial forests giving way to a dramatic transformation in the scenery with every change in…

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Myth Busting: The Russian Enigma

  It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. In the words of Winston Churchill, this is Russia. But is it really?   Through Hollywood’s lens, Russia is a country of criminals, spies and the Russian mafia. From evil Russian oligarch Yuri Komarov of A Good Day…

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