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Peru: The Land of History

Woven into Peru’s rich history are intricately coloured patterns, diversity and beautiful stories of ancient rituals celebrated until this day.  Photo credits: Rod Waddington Lost in Time  Peru is home to history, visible after centuries passed. While time might have whittled down some of its intricate structures, most parts of…

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Snapshot: World Festivals

From dangerous stunts to community spirit, nothing brings a crowd together for some merriment better than a festival. This is a time when everyone lets their hair down while carrying on in the footsteps of their tradition. For visitors, it’s a rare and intimate glimpse into the lives and cultures…

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Snapshot: South America

Long romanticised as the continent of superlatives, South America is a wild landscape that is home to the world’s biggest rainforests, the highest mountain range outside of Asia, huge deserts, icy landscapes, high altitude lakes, and plenty of other breathtaking natural attractions. In addition, the region has seen some of…

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Adventure Marathons

With a proliferation of marathons and themed runs worldwide, there seems to be a trend that combines scenic travel with a love of the race. These are just a small selection of adventure marathons around the world that combine cultural aspects and challenging runs.   COVERED BRIDGES HALF MARATHON, USA…

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Far Flung Destinations

Thanks to air travel and modern transportation, there’s almost no place on earth that’s unreachable. Where journeys from one continent to another once took months, they now take hours. When it seems like there’s nowhere else left ‘undiscovered’, there are still some places just slightly off the map that remain…

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Snapshot: Rail Journeys

Decked out in old-world charm and mystery, railway journeys are often overlooked, as travellers tend to look for quick fixes when it comes to their sojourns. Instead of opting for the next flight or holiday destination, rediscover travel by taking one of the world’s most luxurious trains – tucked away…

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Prodigious Waterworlds

A closer look at water-based communities around the globe. PERHAPS USED to living on land, are you ready to test the waters? Here are societies, past and present, whose lives revolve around bodies of water. Islas Uros, Peru Forced off the shores by the Incas centuries ago, the Uros in…

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Forget Machu Picchu, Laguna 69 Is The Gem Of Peru

Peru is a land full of legendary landmarks and whimsical wonders, from Machu Picchu to the Nazca Lines, but nothing quite promises the utter bliss and adventure Laguna 69 does. Hushed away deep in the mountains of the Ancash region and close to the city of Huaraz, this lake of…

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Into Cloud City

Despite what you may gather from many travel websites, you don’t actually have to hike to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Machu Picchu. You can catch a train, or even a taxi, from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, then catch the many buses which take visitors to Machu Picchu.  Many…

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