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Snapshot: Ethical Destinations

With travel becoming the world’s largest industry (exceeding the trillion-dollar mark), travellers now have the power to make great changes to developing nations – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe – by encouraging them to promote human rights, preserve environments and support social welfare. While all nations still have shortcomings, this list…

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Short Breaks: Jostling With Jellyfish

Photo: BlueOrange Studio/   Don a snorkel and mingle with Palau’s unique invertebrate species in the depths of its saltwater lake.     A CLUSTER of over 500 islands form the South Pacific archipelago that is Palau, a marine wonderland known for an array of water-based activities. Discover Palau…

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Palau’s Jellyfish Lake Has Reopened

Following a two year closure, the Jellyfish Lake, situated in Palau, has now reopened. The Ongeim’l Tketau Jellyfish Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, closed for several years to allow its dwindling jellyfish population to regrow and recover. Government officials announced the reopening back in December, expressing confidence that the…

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