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Snapshot: Phoenix Travel

Some of the worst war-torn regions of the 20th century have made miraculous recoveries, transforming from places of carnage and decimation to hubs for exploration and adventure. SERBIA Since gaining independence in 2006, Serbia has been famous for its hospitality. Belgrade is a party destination, while in winter the mountain…

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Mayan Biosphere

A thin isthmus of land connecting the North America continent to South America, the belt of countries comprising Central America may not look like much on a map, but their rainforests teem with all manner of wildlife, housed within mist-shrouded volcanoes, cloud forests, and pristine sandy beaches. This is a…

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Nature’s Fiery Fury

Photo: Petr Novak Elemental pits of flames and fire. THE PROSPECT OF TRAVERSING AN ACTIVE VOLCANO is certain to send a blaze down your spine. Yet, the coadunation of the unprecedented thrill of facing the incendiary elements, and the unparalleled rustic grace of Earth’s creations, is a smouldering experience like no…

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