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Mount Batur: Subverting Expectations

While planning our trip to Bali, Indonesia, the one activity that constantly came up was trekking Mount Batur to witness the breathtaking sunrise splayed across the sky. We constantly heard about the rich colours that interlaced and danced with each other while the sun emerged amidst them. When the time…

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5 things to do in Slovakia

Enter the land of castles and mountains, steeped in history. Slovakia is incredibly underrated as a tourist destination with many preferring to visit the countries surrounding it, including Hungary and Czech Republic. However, it is an amazing location for an adventurer. It is home to an abundance of activities. From…

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Trekking, Hiking & Mountaineering: What’s The Difference?

Whether it’s climbing a mountainous terrain or embarking on an easy, breezy trail, people think it’s essentially the same thing – hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. Most people think that these words are just synonyms of one another due to their similar characteristics. But in fact, there are distinct differences between…

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Trekking for Beginners: 5 Essential Tips

Trekking  has become an increasingly popular sport with many embarking on long distances in distant countries. Scale the heights of Mount Kinabalu or trek Barsey for a rush of adrenaline and breathtaking sights! But where does one begin?     If your first time turns out to be less than…

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Nature’s Fiery Fury

Photo: Petr Novak Elemental pits of flames and fire. THE PROSPECT OF TRAVERSING AN ACTIVE VOLCANO is certain to send a blaze down your spine. Yet, the coadunation of the unprecedented thrill of facing the incendiary elements, and the unparalleled rustic grace of Earth’s creations, is a smouldering experience like no…

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