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The Colours of Morocco

Casablanca, Fez and Marrakech. These vibrant cities are just some of those that make up the bustling country of Morocco. Some people mistake Morocco to be part of Europe but in fact, is situated on the African continent. Morocco borders the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline, which makes it one of…

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Snapshot: Gorges

Gorges or canyons are art projects of fast-flowing rivers – carved over millennia, the water creates visual spectacles that are both breathtaking and unique. Ranging from arid gorges to lush canyons with fast-flowing rivers, these natural creations can be easily explored by foot, mountain bike or from the river. TODGHA…

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Inside The Blue Walls of Chefchaouen

It’s blue. Everywhere you look, it’s blue. The walls, the floors, the doors. It’s jaw-dropping. Delightfully surreal. A visual enchantment. It’s as if the sky and the seas converged and descended upon this astounding Moroccan town. Aquamarine. Midnight. Pacific. In a world where Instagram, Pinterest and the like rule, it’s…

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