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Into the Wild

Sanctuary Makanyane Safari Lodge   Blending seamlessly into the bush of the Madikwe Game Reserve, the 8-suite luxury lodge was designed to have minimal impact on the environment. It boasts personalised services, an exquisite cuisine and glass- walled bedrooms for the truly indulgent holiday goer. The crowning moment of the…

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Photo Series: European Festivals

Asia’s vibrant and multicoloured festivals find themselves splayed across the pages of hundreds of magazines. From Holi to Songkran, we have heard of them all. But did you know that Europe has some of the most fascinating and diverse festivals as well? A mix of traditional and modern beliefs, these…

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Europe’s Best: Historic Architectural Masterpieces

This week, we are introducing an 5-part series featuring Europe’s best. To start things off, we are taking you across the continent to explore and delve into some of the most historic architectural masterpieces that are more than just their grand facades. Parthenon, Athens, Greece The city of Athens alone…

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In pictures: Italian nights

Photos of Italy‘s dramatic landscape, by day, often flood our timelines on social media. An organised mess of colours fill the screen and our minds when we think of Italy! However, when the sun goes to sleep at the edge of the ocean and the moon comes to life, Italy…

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Valley High

Situated at the crossroads of Austria, Switzerland, the region of South Tyrol is situated in the northernmost point in Italy – as such, it has trilingual road signs (Italian, German and Ladin) – but most locals speak German as their native tongue. This mountainous area is a big draw for…

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Mountain Cities: Europe

Europe is dotted with plenty of historic cities where unique cultures have thrived for centuries. Thanks to the mountainous landscape in certain regions, some of these cities are also set against dramatic snowcappedbackdrops that offer visitors the chance to combine a cultural sojourn with an exploration of the great outdoors.…

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The Island of Capri

The Island of Capri, in Italy, is overwhelmingly beautiful and its beauty cannot be overstated. Picture immaculately kept rows of villas whose surroundings remain unblemished by waste. A multitude of colours erupt from the blooms of bougainvillea that dribble from the sides of these small buildings. Rugged cliffs tower over…

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Nature’s Fiery Fury

Photo: Petr Novak Elemental pits of flames and fire. THE PROSPECT OF TRAVERSING AN ACTIVE VOLCANO is certain to send a blaze down your spine. Yet, the coadunation of the unprecedented thrill of facing the incendiary elements, and the unparalleled rustic grace of Earth’s creations, is a smouldering experience like no…

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Venice to Charge Tourists an Admission Fee

The world’s ‘City of Canals’ is now the first Italian city to charge tourists an admission fee to enter. Its astounding number of approximately 25 million visitors prompted this new regulation, the proceeds from which will be channelled toward maintaining its World Heritage site. The main target of the 3…

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