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Reimagine Wellness Travel with Align Holistic Fitness

Combining fitness and wellness with travel – what’s not to love? Wellness tourism has become a rising trend that’s taking the world by storm amongst tourists, which blends wellness and travel into one itinerary. At Align Holistic Fitness, they manage to execute this seamlessly. About Align Holistic Fitness Based in…

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Islands Off The Beaten Track in Southeast Asia

One of the advantages of being in Singapore is the relatively easy access to thousands of tropical islands around the Southeast Asian region. As more and more visitors head to popular resort islands like Bali and Koh Samui, other lesser-known islands in the region are drawing visitors who prefer to…

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Offshore Attractions

Volcanic activity was a major force in shaping the landscape of Taiwan when it was in its geological youth – eruptions spewed lava and rocks, creating many of Taiwan’s mountains and offshore islands like Green Island and Lanyu (Orchid Island). While fumaroles still dot Yangmingshan, Taiwan’s only active volcano lies…

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Up Close & Personal with Galapagos’ Strangest Beasts

Charles Darwin, acclaimed father of evolution, was fascinated by the Galapagos Islands – and for good reason too. Owing to the islands’ geographical isolation and its resultantly stable ecosystem, its animals have evolved very differently from those elsewhere into species uniquely endemic to Galapagos. The supreme lack of natural predators…

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Thailand: Beyond Just Bangkok and Phuket

Think Thailand and you’ve got Bangkok, the culinary capital for city slickers, on one hand and Phuket, the seaside party central, on the other. But the Land of Smiles has so much more to offer every kind of traveller. So quit being a mere tourist and veer off the beaten…

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