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Remarkable things to do in Krabi

Unlike its louder sister, Phuket, the province of Krabi has a quiet charm. Perched on the southwest coast of Thailand, it is a haven for tourists looking to escape the hubbub and soak in tranquility. Take a rejuvenating trip to the area blessed with some of nature’s most stunning formations…

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Scattered Gems: Taiwan’s Outlying Islands

The islands around Taiwan offer up a unique blend of history, beautiful scenery and water activities that make them a good destination for any traveller looking for the more relaxed side of Taiwan.     PENGHU ISLAND     Penghu is actually a large archipelago that encompasses 64 small islands,…

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Polynesia + Micronesia

The mere mention of the names Polynesia and Micronesia conjures up images of exotic, far-flung islands dotted in a long chain across the Pacific, stretching from Asia to South America. While they’re almost all characterised by their sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, for many travellers, their true allure lies…

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Wandering in Ryukyu: Island Hopping Okinawa

Located at the southernmost tip of Japan with Taiwan looming on its outskirts, Okinawa is made up of 49 inhabited islands (including Okinawa Island) and 111 uninhabited islands with sub-tropical temperatures year-round. Island hopping is a great way to experience each island’s unique personality, and from Okinawa’s main island, you…

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The Island of Capri

The Island of Capri, in Italy, is overwhelmingly beautiful and its beauty cannot be overstated. Picture immaculately kept rows of villas whose surroundings remain unblemished by waste. A multitude of colours erupt from the blooms of bougainvillea that dribble from the sides of these small buildings. Rugged cliffs tower over…

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Exploring Antigua and Barbuda

Positioned where the Atlantic and Caribbean seas meet is a tropical paradise. Made up of two large islands and numerous smaller islands is the country of Antigua and Barbuda. It is home to innumerable reef-lined beaches, secluded coves, historical artefacts and rainforests. The quintessential island life is encapsulated in large…

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Let’s Talk About Saipan

Here’s a place that’ll probably sound foreign to your ears. Despite being a part of the United States, most mainland Americans themselves have probably never heard of it. Located in the western Pacific Ocean, the island of Saipan is the largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands – otherwise also…

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Porquerolles Island, France

The South of France conjures up an image of glamour. A-list celebrities, clad in colourful swimsuits, flock over each year to bask in the heat of summer and attend the Cannes Film Festival. Popular destinations like Marseille and Nice are packed with tourists and day-trippers, hoping to escape from cosmopolitan…

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Animal lovers, bookmark these animal havens that have their furry inhabitants frolicking freely – these should definitely go on your travel bucket-list! *** PIG BEACH Pig Beach in the Bahamas is home to a colony of tame four-legged inhabitants, the origins of whom remains largely unknown. Local legends spin bizarre…

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