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The Journey in Pictures

Whenever we travel, we’re always itching to arrive at our destination as soon as possible. We get restless on long haul flights; start counting down the number of hours as soon as we take our seats on the plane, and find anything and everything to do to cure our boredom…

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Nepal in Pictures

The roof of the world – the country of Nepal abounds with natural riches, and is often dubbed as the ‘Swiss Alps of Asia’. This mountainous country is home to the famous Mt. Everest, which is bordered between Nepal and Tibet in the Himalayan Mountains in Asia. But beyond the…

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Vienna, Austria in Pictures

Sitting by the Danube River is the Imperial City of Vienna, Austria. Vienna is the European city that is brimming with culture and life with plenty to offer. From beautiful libraries to museums, the Austrian capital is the ultimate arts hub for those looking for inspiration through art. The art…

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The City of Budapest in Pictures

You might have heard of this city from the Wes Anderson classic, The Grand Budapest Hotel. But if you haven’t, let us introduce you to the ‘Heart of Europe’. The City  of Budapest in Hungary is known for plenty of reasons. Its rich history; medieval architecture; scenic views; natural landscapes…

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The Pink City of Jaipur in Pictures

Amidst the chaos from the bustling streets of Jaipur, India lie a calm that fills the entire city – in the form of a colour. ‘The pink city’ of Rajasthan definitely lives up to its title. At every turn, there it is. From warm coral tones to tints of light…

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