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Singapore’s oldest

We may be young but we have might Many of us are used to the droves of tall buildings that pierce the night skies when we pass through the central business district. Growing up in a cosmopolitan Singapore means that many of us take for granted the sturdy buildings, cleanliness…

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Uncovering Fort Jesus, Mombasa

The African continent is the renowned birthplace of the Early Human Migration where our ancestors moved out of Eastern Africa to settle down in distant lands. Africa’s rich history is peppered with geological formations and cultural intermingling. Hence, it shows its might on the UNESCO’s Heritage List. It has a…

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In Pictures: The Oldest UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are always a sight to behold. People are immediately drawn to a certain place as soon as they hear the words, ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’. With over 1,000 world heritage sites as of 2019, the list seems to keep growing and stopping at nothing. These places…

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Thailand: Beyond Just Bangkok and Phuket

Think Thailand and you’ve got Bangkok, the culinary capital for city slickers, on one hand and Phuket, the seaside party central, on the other. But the Land of Smiles has so much more to offer every kind of traveller. So quit being a mere tourist and veer off the beaten…

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