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Europe’s Best: Historic Architectural Masterpieces

This week, we are introducing an 5-part series featuring Europe’s best. To start things off, we are taking you across the continent to explore and delve into some of the most historic architectural masterpieces that are more than just their grand facades. Parthenon, Athens, Greece The city of Athens alone…

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Adventure Marathons

With a proliferation of marathons and themed runs worldwide, there seems to be a trend that combines scenic travel with a love of the race. These are just a small selection of adventure marathons around the world that combine cultural aspects and challenging runs.   COVERED BRIDGES HALF MARATHON, USA…

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Snapshot: Spiritual Mountains

Since time immemorial, mountains have been regarded as sacred sites, thanks to their high altitudes which kept them close to the skies – the perceived abode of the Gods. Year after year, these sacred mountains are climbed by pilgrims, devotees and other curious souls, thanks to the spiritual energy –…

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Sun, Sand & Mythology

Bask in some of Greece’s historical and cultural islands Home to several Greek gods and goddesses, Greece is a full of history, culture, heritage and beauty. From the capital city, Athens, there are numerous islands where visitors can spend a day or two to experience local life and soak up…

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When in Greece, do as the Greeks do!

Greek culture is a potpourri of diverse influences of the East and West. No different is this laidback European paradise from the proverbial Rome: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Here are some nuggets of Greek culture for you to do as the Greeks do! Punctuality? Not a…

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