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Ice Fishing: What You Need to Know

By Guest Writer, Caillin Rosario Ice fishing is the next step for anyone who adores fishing. ICE FISHING is a gruelling sport even for the most dedicated. It requires absolute patience while the glacial air makes every attempt to freeze your nerves solid. All this effort only makes the feeling…

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Bucket List Series: The Land of Fire & Ice

Think Iceland: a wintry sweep of frozen terrains perhaps characteristic of its namesake. Icy topography and biting winds aside, that isn’t all there is here.   Hallmarked by her dramatic landscapes, the stunning North Atlantic island flaunts a cache brimming with inimitable experiences, Iceland-style.   FIRST AND FOREMOST, discovering this…

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5 Spectacular Hiking Destinations in Chile

SANTUARIO EL CAÑI Glimpse a stunning panorama from the lesser-known El Mirador viewpoint. This 1,500 acre private nature reserve is under legal preservation to protect it against logging while promoting eco-tourism.   With comfortable camping facilities and a flourishing wildlife ecosystem here, it should be a top priority especially for the…

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