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Europe’s Best: Castles

Most people have only heard of castles in fairytales and medieval stories. But here in Europe, there is a wealth of unbelievably stunning castles across the continent. As we move forward in our second installation of our Europe’s Best series, we explore the magical and other-worldly castles in Europe. Neuschwanstein…

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Snapshot: Craft Beer Cities

In almost every corner of the world, beer is a universal language and each country has their own unique take on it. From the age-old brewing traditions in Bavaria to experimental brews in the US, beer isn’t just about socialising, it’s about experiencing a local culture. USA The US has…

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The Classic Romance

ROMANTIC ROAD, GERMANY Würzburg – Füssen (10 days, 440km) The Romantic Road long distance cycle route (D9) leads through romantic river valleys, with a landscape that changes from woodland paths in Franconia to a series of lakes in the Allgäu, passing historic old towns, medieval cities with fortified walls, Baroque…

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In Pictures: The Oldest UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are always a sight to behold. People are immediately drawn to a certain place as soon as they hear the words, ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’. With over 1,000 world heritage sites as of 2019, the list seems to keep growing and stopping at nothing. These places…

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